Mock Test 11+

Mock Test 11+

Mock Tests:

A mock test is a simulator of the actual 11 PLUS exam, the only difference being that you are not attempting the real one. It is basically a convenient and a flexi version of the 11 PLUS examination, which is solely given by a candidate to know how to solve the 11 PLUS. It is a closer version of the 11 PLUS paper. It is advisable for students to take mock tests at each step of their preparation, so that they can be well prepared for the actual test of 11 PLUS. The main idea behind the creation of 11 PLUS mocks was to develop familiarity among the students towards the real test taking experience.

Please note that, due to the similarities between the GL test paper content, even where the format is different, our Mock Exam papers may contain some of the same questions across.

Full Length Mock Tests

Champs Learning provides a set of 10 Full Length Mock Tests for 11 Plus.

These 10 mock tests for 11 plus will be conducted for.

1. 5 GL style papers in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
2. 5 CEM style papers with two paper style including questions on Maths, VR, NVR and English.

These are the online Mock Exams.

Classroom base tests will be a part of Mock Exam Series and Summer Camp of 11 Plus and other dates which are announced on the website.

Online exams can be booked anytime of the year. Classroom tests have to be booked for the dates announced.

Practice Online Exams

If you are preparing for competitive exams, practice becomes more important for your success. Once you know the concept, you need to apply and then practice it to get better accuracy and reduce time. For the same, one need to practice more on topic-based questions and sectional format before they test themselves on full length Mock Tests.

Champs Learning offers two packages for these online practice exams.

1. Topic Tests 120 :There are 120 short topic tests in this package. Topic tests are the short tests of 10-15 questions on topics from 11 Plus curriculum.
2. Section Tests 70 : This package includes 70 tests which are similar to section tests from GL and CEM style of papers.

Both these packages are available only online.

All students will receive the detailed online report with explanatory answers.

The full-length Mock exams are based on GL and CEM pattern. We offer Full Length Mock Tests in both format online & classroom


You have 5 GL style and 5 CEM style papers to choose from for online.

These exams are available online during the year. The test results will be made available for 7 days to appear for followed by a detailed analysis.


We also conduct classroom exams for full length test papers at various dates in a year and also as a part of Mock Test series or Summer Camp for 11 Plus. The dates of these tests are available in book now section.

You can choose individual test or multiple tests from these tests.

Champs Learning has developed short topic tests for every student to practice and keep the momentum going. These are very useful tests to practice topics with small steps at a time.

The complete package has 120 topic tests (30 each for Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning). Each test will have 10-15 questions

Section tests are the tests designed as per the sectional format from GL or CEM styled papers. Such as Long Maths, Short Maths, English Grammar, VR, Cloze, Reading Comprehensions etc.

The pack of 70 section tests is available for a student to practice for his 11 plus preparation. These tests have been proved extremely helpful to all the students at Champs Learning.


Course Features

Free Test
  • Full Length Test : 10
  • Pattern: Independent schools
  • Price Per Test: FREE
Price : Free Book Now
Mock Test (Classroom) – 11 Plus
  • Full Length Test
  • GL style
  • CEM style

Address : Suite 9, Neals Corner, 2 Bath Road, Hounslow, TW3 3HJ

Price : £ 75 / Test Book Now
Mock Test (Online) – 11 Plus
  • Full Length Test : 10
  • GL style(4 Sectional Test) :05
  • CEM style(2 Sectional Test) :05
Price : £ 5 / Test Buy Now
Topic Tests (Online) – 11 Plus
  • Topic Tests : 120
  • English : 30
  • Maths : 30
  • Verbal Reasoning : 30
  • Non Verbal Reasoning : 30
  • Price Per Test: 50 Pence Per Test Only
Price : £ 60 Buy Now
Section Tests (Online) – 11 Plus
  • Section Tests : 70
  • Pattern : GL and CEM
  • Price Per Test: £ 1 Per Test Only
Price : £ 70 Buy Now