Here are few common questions and their answers. Champs Learning tuition is happy to answer any further questions if you have.

What are your timings?

All Champs Learning tuition centres are open 7 days a week with very few exceptions during term time and school holidays. For the opening hours of your nearest Champs Learning centre, see your local centre's website.

How frequently should my child attend Champs Tuition classes?

Sessions are normally of 1 hour duration per subject per week which include teaching and class exercise for the duration of your membership. Contact your local Champs Learning for the schedule.

Is Champs Learning curriculum aligned to what my child is learning at school?

Yes. The Champs Learning curriculum is aligned to the national curriculum as well as the curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. Our Champs tutors are trained to teach using curriculum approved teaching methods to ensure consistency with school learning.

What feedback will I get about my child's progress?

The curriculum for each year's tuition has been structured into lessons based on concepts and sub-concepts. At the end of each lesson, students are tested and feedback is given to the students and parents. The progress and future learning course is decided based on this outcome and in consultation with the parents.

What is the ratio of children to tutors?

At Champs Learning we work on a ratio of five to one for all Key Stages. For 11 Plus classes the ratio is 10:1. This creates a good balance of support for the children whilst encouraging them to work independently and gain confidence.

What role do the teachers play in my child’s learning?

Our teachers are the most important factor in your child’s learning at Champs Learning. All of our tutors are well versed in the curriculum. Their teaching is based on a range of interactive resources that are adapted to each individual child’s ability. Our tutors boost your child’s confidence by getting to know him or her as an individual and motivating each towards mastering the subject.

What kind of support does Champ Learning provide in terms of books, stationary?

You don’t need to buy anything once your child becomes a member of Champs. Champs provides all the books and worksheets along with other essentials. You need to provide writing stationary to your child.

My child is gifted - can he/she benefit from coming to Champs?

Yes. Many gifted children benefit from attending Champs Learning. We tailor our courses for each child’s individual requirements. We design the course around the child’s academic ability rather than his/her age, allowing gifted children to work at their own pace. At your initial consultation you will be able to discuss in more detail your child’s personal goals and requirements.

My child is 4 years old - can he/she attend?

We do accept 4 year old students at Champs on a case by case basis. If your child is still 4 years old, but has started in Reception/P1, please call your local tuition centre to discuss his or her individual needs with a tutor, and arrange a trial session where we can assess his/her ability.

What is the monthly tuition fee?

For most of our tuition courses, the monthly membership fee is different for a student for different year for everything including books, stationary etc., besides personal attention of tutors. For further details, please visit respective web page. The fees for our tuition services are monthly fees irrespective of no of weeks in a month.

The fees for 11 Plus, Key Stage 3 and GCSE classes are different. Please call the Champs Learning office to know more details.

How much notice do I need to give to stop my tuition?

Initially, you should speak to your local Champs Learning manager to discuss your child’s membership to date, and the progress he/she has made. Should you still wish to cancel your membership you will have to give one month’s written notice.

What will be the structure of the 11 plus tuition during term time ?

The term time classes will cover four subjects: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. The course material consists of Champs Learning books detailing 32 concepts, exercise books which have questions to be solved in the class as well as practice papers to practice at home. Over the duration of the term time classes, the students will potentially solve up to 5000 questions on these subjects. We recognise the importance of Creative writing and Reading comprehension in the recent 11 Plus tests and thus these two topics have special focus during our 11 Plus teaching.

Should I buy books from the market or what to do with my existing classroom material from previous trainer?

Due to the depth of detail in our course material, there is no need to buy any external material. However if you already have purchased course material from elsewhere then the child can use it for more practice.

My child has been my preparing with another teacher; will joining your class create conflict in his/her understanding or application?

Our teaching methods are universal in nature for understanding the concept so there shouldn't be any conflict for understanding. While teaching the application, our teachers will demonstrate the universal or traditional methods of solving the question and then demonstrate Champs Learning way of working out the answer to the same question. This will help the child's understanding of the problem and make the application of the concepts clearer.

What if my child does not understand one of the topics or has doubts / queries?

The student will solve enough questions in the class with teachers, who will be able to answer any queries or doubts and guide them on right methods. For the homework doubts, faculty will try to accommodate the doubt solving during the structure of the class as much as possible.

How can I enrol my child for the Champs Learning Tuition?

To enrol your child you must return a completed application form & standing order and pay the course fees.

Are there any discounts available if I paid a lump sum?

A discount of 5% is available if the fees for 3 months is paid in advance. A discount of 10% is available if the fees for the whole year are paid in advance. Please contact us on phone numbers if you wish to avail this discount.

If my child is going on a holiday and as a result will miss some class sessions, will Champs Learning provide catchup classes to cover what is missed during the holidays?

Champs Learning will provide all course material that gets dispensed during classes for any sessions missed. Where a student has missed a day's session, the teachers will try their best to help explain the child the topic that he or she has missed, but this is not guaranteed and is left at the discretion of the teacher. Where multiple simultaneous sessions are likely to be missed, please enquire about our extra catchup sessions that we run on a regular basis.

How to contact Champs Learning's administrator and/or teachers?

You can get in touch with us by completing the contact form or by phone or email. Please click here to bring up the contact form.

What is your past record?

Champs Learning tuition has an excellent success for 11 Plus, SATs, GCSE and A level. More than 85% students have achieved from B to A * grades in GCSE and A level. Almost every 11 Plus student have secured an admission to his/her desired school.

Will I get information on the various school and their eligibility parameters?

Yes, once enrolled, we will make every information available to you for a particular school of your interest and about other schools in general.

If I have problem with the way of teaching or particular teacher, what should I do?

At Champs Learning we observe an open feedback policy. In such cases, please contact the office on the phone numbers or email and speak to one of our team to explain the problem. We assure you that we will do our best to find a solution for the same.

Do you run classes during term break?

We run regular classes during term break unless we have specified it as holiday in our calendar. The timings for these classes during term break is different to their regular timings.

We also run few paid workshops during term break. Few of these are complimentary to our students of specific year groups.

Policies and Essentials

Health and safety policies

Champs Learning takes very seriously its responsibilities for the health and safety of its pupils. All our teachers are professionally qualified and teaching assistants and supervisors are trained in all aspects of their work.

Do you hold CRB checks for your teachers?

All staff are subjected to a thorough check by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and many are qualified to administer first aid when needed.

What are your fire safety policies?

Fire prevention, precautions and equipment are reviewed and checked regularly. Emergency evacuation procedures are practised each term.

Pupil Arrival and Collection Policies

It is the parents’ responsibility to bring their child into the school building before their lesson and to collect them from inside the school building at the end of their lesson. Children should not leave the building under any circumstances unless accompanied by a responsible adult. On the first day of joining we require the parents/guardian to fill in a questionnaire which includes the names and contact details of the adults authorised to collect the child. Children will be handed over only to authorised people.

Children need to be dropped off at the classes 15 minutes before their respective class start and can be picked up in the duration of not later than 15 minutes after the class finishes. Please ensure that you arrive promptly to pick up your child as we need to vacate the Neal's Corner premises soon after.

Can my child bring food and drink into the classes?

Champs Learning recognises that the children studying for 11 Plus exam are still very young and so are happy for the child to bring in a packed snack/sandwich and or a juice drink to be consumed on premises. A water cooler is present at the premises. In between sessions, a 5-10 minute break will be provided for children to consume any food that they may have brought on the premises. Please note that, in the interests of hygiene, we strongly discourage bringing in hot food. It is our policy to ban ANY kind of chewing gum being brought into the building by pupils.

What happens after my child has completed the course?

In addition, once the course has completed, Champs Learning offers you the option to promote your child to next year's tuition and is happy to answer any further queries if you have.