Students’ reviews

What do they say about us?

Every student and their parents are very happy and satisfied with Champs Learning. Their success speaks for themselves. Students have excelled not only in their 11 Plus and GCSE but have built strong subject knowledge for English, Maths and Science.

At champs Learning, these reviews are a reflection of our teaching and our efforts to service each and every student with their academic goals. We use these reviews to improve our system, support, content and teaching.


I'm very impressed as my daughter started doing very well after joining Champs Learning for maths. She is now in top set in the class and enjoys learning maths. Happy with the home work sheets as it keeps her busy and improving.


I think its the experience in teaching helps make things simple and easy to understand. Champs Learning is exactly same. With very structured and adaptable content with equally good teachers, my son has scored really good marks in his exams.


Thank you to Louise mam and Manish sir for teaching me for 11 Plus preparation. You laid a good foundation with me about my subject knowledge. My grades have improved in the school and so as my confidence. Thank you! The books are amazing.

Vallerie and Chloe

Me and my sister joined Champs Learning. I was preparing for 11 plus entrance for Grammar School. The teachers have taught me all the concepts so well that I was confident in solving any type of test. I achieved my aim of clearing Tiffin school entrance. The teachers are really caring about my studies and learning.


I completed my 11 Plus preparation with Champs learning and also summer camp about the same. I really liked the teachers. They taught each subject so well and with so many props. Simulation exam by the teacher was a brilliant idea. Thanks to Champs Learning for clarifying all my concepts and making me confident.


I joined Champs Learning in the later part of the year and complete an intensive summer school for 11 plus exam preparation. It really helped me to secure the admission into my desired grammar school. I think the most valuable part of the course was demonstrative exams where a teacher demonstrates about how to solve a real exam.


I had joined Champs Learning little late as I was preparing my studies for 11 plus with other tutors. I could clearly see the difference between teaching at both places and it reflected in my performance. Champs Learning gave me more understanding about all the subjects and confidence to solve the papers. I managed to achieve the grammar school of my choice.


I am very pleased that my friend recommended about Champs Learning. I was also blindly following the masses for the more popular names for my daughter’s 11 plus tuition. Champs Learning has brought a great change in my daughter’s performance with their techniques and expertise. I will strongly recommend you Champs Learning if you want to see good improvement in grades and understanding.


I am with Champs Learning for last one year. I was very happy with my preparation for 11 plus as the teaching at Champs Learning is really good. I received lot of personal guidance on the reading comprehension and other areas where I needed to improve. I think it was easy to study and revise at home because of the structured books by Champs and good teaching. I have secured my place at Slough Consortium and also cleared first round of Tiffin.


I am Thevendu and I am proud to say that I am a student of Champs Learning. I studied with Champs Learning for last two years. It was a big pressure on me as My sister was a student of Champs Learning and she has achieved the great success in her 11 plus exams and secured her admission at Tiffin School. But Champs Learning supported me in my learning as well as managing my stress. The credit goes to the wonderful teachers, excellent content, mentoring my the team and ofcourse my family.