Message From Founder

Established more than a decade ago with a view to nurture and support concept-based quality education, Champs Learning is now one of the best academic institutions comprising primary, secondary, pre-university and competitive exam level.
Our aim at Champs Learning is to shape the achievers of the future and equip them with in-depth concept understanding, related knowledge and excellent capabilities to shine in their chosen academic field.
Champs Learning offers the best of content, structured learning path, innovative use of technological tools and an enabling and conducive environment for learning. It has a proactive faculty base consisting of highly qualified, reputed and knowledgeable teachers who are always accessible. Extensive teacher-students’ interaction is encouraged through classes, meetings, feedback, analysis etc.
Teachers' support, empowered by technology, creates ample opportunities for students to assess their academic progress.
At Champs Learning, we believe that this creates a healthy, holistic self that motivates them towards learning better concepts and productive students.
Time is a limited resource. If the students have the ambition to make a mark in any field the only way is to choose the right direction and strive to achieve the goal.
I wish all students a bright academic future, an illustrious career, and a happy life.

Nishikant Kothikar