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Champs Learning is a very structured tuition for English, Maths, Science and 11 Plus exams, mainly aimed at primary and secondary school students. It provides tuition to Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and GCSE students. It has a clear focus of generating interest among students about these subjects and encourages them to apply their thinking to solve the questions in a very playful manner.
Our tuition is a complete package of concept understanding, applications in the class and practice at home in the subjects like Maths, English, Science and 11 Plus. In 11 Plus, we cover all subjects including English Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning.


Curriculum at Champs Learning tuition aims on each child's unique skills and abilities in understanding the concepts that are part of the curriculum. We aim to maximise individual potential through our teaching methods that include short cut techniques, time management skills, simplified mathematical concepts, prioritisation of questions and a positive mental attitude for problem solving. At our tuition, in addition to the work in classrooms, we offer children practice worksheets with feedback on their performance. We facilitate children through their journey in the learning-teaching-feedback-improvement cycle.

At Champs Learning we have a unique way of teaching where students are encouraged to analyse and understand every concept. We conduct many workshops such as Speed Maths, Nets of Cube, Speed Reading, Reading Comprehension, Creative writing, 11 Plus exam strategy, time management to support everyone's learning.Thus each student has his/her own individual understanding for the concepts yet woven in the common knowledge framework. This method has been successfully tried and tested by us for Key stages, 11 Plus and GCSE students. It helps students to understand the concept completely, rehearse it while completing their work and apply it while solving exercises in class. Our methodology is around two phases – understanding the concepts and applying these concepts to solve questions. These phases are structured on accuracy, speed and skills.


Why Choose us

Champs Learning's classes are one of the most sought-after complete packages to prepare you for any of the academic examinations. Be it the study material, expert faculty or the required infrastructure - every aspect of the classroom experience is designed to help you move closer to your academic goals.


Our Mission

To support every student in achieveing their academic goal with strong concepts knowledge of subjects with the help of experienced teachers, structured session plans and custom designed concept-exercise books.


Our visions

To be the first educational company to be a part of an academic cycle of a student at these five stages - Concept Knowledge, Homework exercises, Assessment, Measuring the succcess, Practicing the learnings and Success of academic achievements.


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What they say


Thank you to Louise mam and Manish sir for teaching me for 11 Plus preparation. You laid a good foundation with me about my subject knowledge. My grades have improved in the school and so as my confidence. Thank you! The books are amazing.


I completed my 11 Plus preparation with Champs learning and also summer camp about the same. I really liked the teachers. They taught each subject so well and with so many props. Simulation exam by the teacher was a brilliant idea. Thanks to Champs Learning for clarifying all my concepts and making me confident.


I had joined Champs Learning little late as I was preparing my studies for 11 plus with other tutors. I could clearly see the difference between teaching at both places and it reflected in my performance. Champs Learning gave me more understanding about all the subjects and confidence to solve the papers. I managed to achieve the grammar school of my choice.