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Champs Learning is a leading education provider in London for GCSEs, 11 Plus, A levels and key Stage 1 and 2. It offers teaching services for Maths, English, Sciences and all entrance exam subjects for secondary school admissions.

We have a close-knit, hard-working team of teachers, administrators, content developers and other business professionals devoted to building and delivering the most suitable learning solutions to a child for his educational needs. If you aspire to excellence, like to enjoy teaching to children and want to join our team of educationists, please submit your resume to

We have a friendly and supportive work environment where we encourage work-life balance, personal health, and ambitious goals. Champs Learning provides Equal Employment Opportunities without regard to the applicant's race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

Champs Learning Career


If you have passion for teaching, suitable qualifications and experience then we would like to meet you. We always look out for like minded people who believe in education and developing students.

The subjects we teach at Champs Learning are:

  • English and Maths - Key Stage 1 and 2 ( SATs)

  • 11 Plus subjects including English,Maths,Verbal Reasoning,Non Verbal reasoning,Reading Comprehension,Creative Writing

  • English, Maths, Science and Modern Foreign Languages - Key Stage 3, GCSEs and A levels

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