11 Plus – Year 4 Foundation tuition program

11 Plus - Year 4

11 Plus

Our Year 4 – 11 Plus is an 11 months course as building a foundation to 11 Plus preparation. During these 11 months, we make student familiarise all the subjects with basic and advanced concept. The teaching sessions are for 4 hours every week totalling to more than 170 hours. This helps students and us to give individual attention to each subject – Maths, English grammar, Reading Comprehension & Creative Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Results: 100 % of our Year 4– 11 Plus students have completed our Year 5 – regular course also, secured an admission to the school of their choice.

Teaching Sessions: The complete one-year course will have more than 170 hours of teaching. This is the highest no. of teaching sessions by any tuition provider for Year 4 – 11 Plus. This helps the teachers and student to learn each subject in depth and build the concepts well to face any pattern of the exam.

Revision sessions: We conduct regular revision sessions with our Year 4 – 11 Plus to help each student to build a strong concept understanding. This enables them to manage any type of exam pattern.

Parent support: We conduct parent teacher meetings with a schedule and as per the requests. We provide all the support in terms of information on grammar schools, selection and format of the exams with registration dates.

Workshops: WE conduct various workshop on key topics such as percentage, word letter codes, reading comprehension etc. These workshops are complimenatary to our regular Year 4 – 11 Plus students

Books: Each subject is divided into 8 books topic wise. We also conduct an assessment at the end of each topic. In total a student receives more than 32 books. Each student also practices 32 monthly assessments during his course time with unlimited doubt solving support. All these books are complementary to our regular students for 11 Plus.

Tests: We conduct monthly tests on each topic taught during a month. These tests are discussed in the class with each doubt. Besides this, we also expose full length exams at a basic level to all the students. All these exams are complimentary to our regular students for 11 Plus.

Break: The course for Year 4 has only two breaks. 2 weeks of Christmas and 1 week of Easter.

Classroom size: Our classroom group is not more than 10 students. This helps a teacher to interact every student personally.

Teachers : Champs Learning teachers are very experienced and subject matter expert. They are well versed with11 Plus curriculum, it’s challenges, students’ needs and engaging teaching style. Cumulatively our teachers have more than 40 years of teaching experience

Topic No. Topic Title
1 Types of Numbers
2 Counting of Numbers
3 Comparison of Numbers
4 Addition & Subtraction
5 Multiplication & Division
6 Ratio & Fraction
7 Percentage
8 Equations
Topic No. Topic Title
1 Understanding of basic shapes
2 Change of shapes
3 Reflection & Symmetry
4 Finding similarities in figures
5 Linear movement of shapes
6 Rotation of shapes
7 Outline & Fills
8 Sequence & Series
Topic No. Topic Title
1 Alphabet Position
2 Working with pattern
3 Compound Words
4 Hidden words
5 Anagrams
6 Synonyms
7 Antonyms
8 Analogy
Topic No. Topic Title
1 English Grammar
2 Reading Habits
3 Creative Writing
4 Reading Comprehension
5 Vocabulary


Available Batches

Course Features

  • Sessions per week :Four
  • Total no of sessions :170 Plus
  • Total no of class tests :8
  • Total no of full length Exams :10
  • Students per class : 12

Our 11 plus course is a complete package of Maths, Verbal, Non Verbal Reasoning, English grammar and English Reading Comprehension . We don’t have provision for choosing individual subjects for these courses.

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