11 Plus – Year 5 – Regular tuition program

11 Plus - Year 5

11 Plus  - Year 5

Our regular course of Year 5 – 11 Plus is a most successful program spread over 12 months duration. The teaching sessions are for 5 hours every week totalling to more than 235 hours. This helps us to give individual attention to each subject – Maths, English grammar, Reading Comprehension & Creative Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each subject is divided into 8 books topic wise. We also conduct an assessment at the end of each topic.

Results: 90 % of our Year 5 – 11 Plus students have secured an admission to the school of their choice. 100% of our summer camp students who were also a part of our regular course have been admitted to the school of their choice.

Reading habits: We also give focus on building good reading habits. We make sure that each student reads at least 8 Classic books in a year with special focus on comprehension.

Vocabulary building: Vocabulary is the important part of English section of 11 Plus curriculum, and thus Champs Learning have created a special program to build vocabulary for 11 Plus students as a part of their course with us.

Speed maths: Champs Learning understands the need of the time bound competitive exams such as 11 Plus and thus emphasises more on speed calculation techniques. Our students get separate timetable books and tips on speed calculation techniques. In Maths, we understand the importance of speed calculation and thus have special books and sessions on timetables and Speed Maths.

Tests: We give an access of 120 topic tests and 70 section tests to practice online. This is beyond the 5 full length Mock Exams during August and 32 monthly assessments. Each full-length Exam is followed by teacher’s analysis and detailed feedback. We practice both GL and CEM pattern of the exams. All these exams are complimentary to our regular students for 11 Plus.

Books: For a full year program of 11 Plus - Year 5 student receives 32 concept and exercise books, more than 200 online tests, 5 Mock Exams with feedback and few workshops and unlimited doubt solving support. All these books are complementary to our regular students for 11 Plus.

Teaching Sessions: The complete one-year course will have more than 235 hours of teaching. This is the highest no. of teaching sessions by any tuition provider. This helps the teachers and student to learn each subject in depth and build the concepts well to face any pattern of the exam.

Parent support: We conduct parent teacher meetings with a schedule and as per the requests. We provide all the support in terms of information on grammar schools, selection and format of the exams with registration dates.

Break: The course for Year 5 has only three breaks. 2 weeks of Christmas, 1 week of Easter and 2 Weeks after school finishes before they start for summer Camp of Mock Tests.

Classroom size: Our classroom group is not more than 12 students. This helps a teacher to interact every student personally.

Teachers : Champs Learning teachers are very experienced and subject matter expert. They are well versed with11 Plus curriculum, it’s challenges, students’ needs and engaging teaching style. Cumulatively our teachers have more than 40 years of teaching experience

Year 5 - 11 Plus

Topic No. Topic Title
1 Basic Calculations
2 Divisibility
3 Ratio Proportion
4 Percentage
5 Measurements
6 Visual Interpretation
7 Geometry
8 Advance Maths
Topic No. Topic Title
1 Coding of shapes
2 Similar shapes
3 Transformation of shapes
4 Transformation of shapes
5 Analogy
6 Series
7 Pattern completion
8 Cubes and Cube Nets
Topic No. Topic Title
1 Coding of words
2 Relationship between letters
3 Word formation
4 Making one word from another
5 Related word
6 Word association
7 Numerical codes
8 Reading information
Topic No. Topic Title
1 English Grammar
2 Reading Habits
3 Creative Writing
4 Reading Comprehension
5 Vocabulary
6 Syllogism
7 Para jumble
8 Cloze


Available Batches

Course Features

  • Sessions per week :Four
  • Total no of sessions :220 Plus
  • Total no of class tests :8
  • Total no of Mock Exams :5
  • Total section tests(Online): 200
  • Total topic tests(Online): 200
  • Students per class : 12

Our 11 plus course is a complete package of Maths, Verbal, Non Verbal Reasoning, English grammar and English Reading Comprehension . We don’t have provision for choosing individual subjects for these courses.

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