GCSE Revisor Maths

GCSE Revisor Maths - Year 11 (Edexcel/AQA/OCR)

GCSE Revisor Maths - Year 11 (Edexcel/AQA/OCR)

Champs Learning is a most successful tuition for GCSE subjects. The revisor courses have specially been designed for the last four months preparation to achieve the desired grades.

This revisor course is useful for the students who wishes to progress by at least 3 grades or ensure their grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Maths.

Results: 100% of our revisor course students who were also a part of our regular course have been successful in achieving grade 8 or 9.

Tests: We focus on concept clarification and many past papers and exam-based questions to achieve the desired result. Each test is solved and analysed with the teacher. The doubts are solved in the class and also over email communication

Content: For revisor course, all the content is provided by Champs Learning.

Teaching Sessions: The revisor course will be conducted in classroom format with one hour session every week as per the timetable.

Classroom size: Our classroom group is not more than 10 students. This helps a teacher to interact every student personally.

Teachers: Champs Learning teachers are very experienced and subject matter expert. They are well versed with GCSE curriculum across all boards, it’s challenges, students’ needs and engaging teaching style. Cumulatively our teachers have more than 40 years of teaching experience.

  • Linear Equations

  • Iterative Methods

  • Simultaneous Equations

  • Functions

  • Rounding/ Estimating Numbers

  • Bounds, Truncation

  • Standard Form

  • Calculations with Standard Form

  • Direct Proportion

  • Inverse Proportion

  • Joint and combined Variation

  • "Speed, Density and Pressure"

  • Perimeter and Area - Circles

  • Surface Area

  • Volume

  • Volume of Frustums, Ratios of Volume, Rates of Flow, Volume and Surface area of Compound shapes

  • Quadratic Graphs

  • Graph of complex functions (Graph cubic functions of the form, Circle Graph )

  • Graphs of Complex functions(K raised to x )

  • Harder Graphs (Sine Waves and Cos Buckets)

  • "Circle Geometry"

  • Vectors

  • Trignometry

  • 3D Pythagoras


Available Batches

Course Features

  • No of Sessions 15
  • No of hours 15 plus
  • Content Yes
  • No of students 10/Batch
Price : £ 450 One Time


Classroom Batch 1

  • Start Date
    19th Feb 2023
  • End Date
    11th June 2023
Teaching sessions For Classroom Batch 1

  • Time
    9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
  • Day

Suite 9, Neals Corner
2 Bath Road,
Hounslow, TW3 3HJ