11 Plus - Independent School

11 Plus - Independent School

11 Plus - Independent School

The 11 Plus course for Independent Schools requires a high degree of difficulty to be taught in less time. The curriculum though gives more importance of Maths & English, many times there are questions from spatial ability testing or verbal reasoning.

Creative Writing and Reading comprehension becomes the most important part of English assessment.

Most of the schools conduct subjective type of testing. This means they don't conduct MCQ tests(Multiple Choice Tests) Maths paper focuses on clear understanding of the concept and its application.

Champs Learning curriculum accepts CAP approach for its teaching. The four months course is designed to teach each concept in detail and have enough practice on the same with increasing difficulty level. This program is well structured with meticulous session plans to accommodate teaching, application, testing and doubt solving.

Topic No. Topic Title
1 Basic Calculations
2 Divisibility
3 Ratio Proportion
4 Percentage
5 Measurements
6 Visual Interpretation
7 Geometry
8 Advance Maths
Topic No. Topic Title
1 Coding of shapes
2 Similar shapes
3 Transformation of shapes
4 Transformation of shapes
5 Analogy
6 Series
7 Pattern completion
8 Cubes and Cube Nets
Topic No. Topic Title
1 Coding of words
2 Relationship between letters
3 Word formation
4 Making one word from another
5 Related word
6 Word association
7 Numerical codes
8 Reading information
Topic No. Topic Title
1 English Grammar
2 Reading Habits
3 Creative Writing
4 Reading Comprehension
5 Vocabulary
6 Syllogism
7 Para jumble
8 Cloze


Available Batches

Our 11 plus course is a complete package of Maths, Verbal, Non Verbal Reasoning, English grammar and English Reading Comprehension . We don’t have provision for choosing individual subjects for these courses.

Course Features

  • Sessions per week :Five
  • Total no of sessions :80 Plus
  • Total no of class tests :8
  • Total no of Mock Exams :5
  • Total section tests(Online): 200
  • Total topic tests(Online): 200
  • Students per class : 12
Price :