Power Vocabulary

Power Vocabulary


Everyone knows and suggest that reading is most important activity for a student as it gives knowledge, builds vocabulary and enhances one's perspective. When it comes to 11 Plus preparation, vocabulary proves a major role in the English section of the test. However, the major problem with many children is the lack of vocabulary and thus reading becomes less interesting to them. In particular the fact that they have to keep looking up words so they just give up., It is a vicious circle. No reading…no vocabulary and No vocabulary… no interest in reading. The children have to start somewhere in order to build up their vocabulary.

With years of experiences in the education field with specific to literacy skills and 11 Plus exams, Champs Learning developed an interesting, but very effective way of learning vocabulary. All of the modules are digital and thus solves the problem of carrying the vocabulary book everywhere Vocabulary module by Champs Learning has visually appealing tutorials with application, usage, exercises and practice tests.

Champs Learning have used classic books to pick up some words. The reason behind using these books is also to encourage students to read classic literature books.

All the Champs Learning students for 11 Plus preparation have used this vocabulary module which has proved extremely helpful to the students. It is engaging, knowledge enhancing and application-based method of vocabulary learning with the help of visuals.


These are the books from which Champs Learning have picked words:

  • Module 1: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Module 2: The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnette
  • Module 3: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • Module 4: Treasure Island by RL Stevenson
  • Module 5: Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
  • Module 6: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  • Module 7: Peter Pan by JM Barrie
  • Module 8: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Editions and spelling

  • Wordsworth Classics Library editions have been used
  • UK spelling have been used
  • Oxford English Dictionary is considered as an authentic verification resource and for citations

Content Breakup

  • There will 8 modules. Each Module will have 200 words in total. So, the complete Vocabulary course is for 1600 words.
  • Each Module will have 5 weeks.
  • Each week will have following structure
    • File 1 – 10 Words
    • File 2 – 10 words
    • File 3 – 20 Words
At the end of each module you will have:
  • Assessment on 100 words from the module
    An assessment will be provided at the end of each module. The assessment will be a mix of the activities that help to recollect the words.
  • Digital flash cards for around 100 words
    A random-sorted digital flash card set containing all 200 words in each module will be provided at the end of the module

Content Structure of Each file:

For each file, you will see the link. You need to click on that link and it will open up the file in PPS (non-downloadable) on auto animation mode. You can use all the features of PPS such advancing the slide, pause, going back etc.

For each word Champs Learning will provide these, each on a separate slide
  • word + definition with a visual representation
  • usage of the word in a sentence with a visual representation
    • from the book and
    • outside source (actual quotations by people, from movies, etc will be used to the extent possible)
  • Other words, if any, that come from the same root
  • Indication if a word has a spelling that is confused with another word
  • A mini exercise using the word

  • Quick recap slide for every set of 10 words
  • This will be split into five sentence applications, five match the following

Fun Facts

After every five words we will include an interesting fun fact about etymology/an author/a book

Each file :
  • Alphabet theme: a set of words from a specific topic; for eg: ‘L’ is for Laboratory which will have words on science (5 words)
  • Words in the news: words from current affairs (has a dual purpose of informing the child about ongoing news events while teaching new words) - (5 words)
  • Confusing words, words that are misspelt etc (5 words)


Course Features

  • No of Words:1600
  • No of Modules :8
  • No of Files :120
  • No of Weeks :40
  • No of Assessments: 8 (100 words each)
  • No of Flash Cards: 8 (200 words each)
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