Word Letter Codes

Word Letter Codes


Codes Using Letters for Letters are basically what they say they are - codes in which letters are used to represent other letters. In the past, codes were used to pass on secret messages so that anybody unfamiliar with the code could not read the meaning of the message. That’s exactly how Letters for Letters codes work in Verbal Reasoning – though they should be much easier to decipher! This workshop will explore various formats for the letter codes and simplify them to understand and solves the questions from the exam.

The question can either…
  • give you the code and you have to find the word or…
  • give you the word and you have to find the code

To solve this question, you look at the relationship between letters in the Alphabet Line. Work out how each letter of the word relates to each letter of the code. Once you know how to crack the code you will be able to work out the answer.

This topic is an integral part of all 11 Plus exams and thus becomes very important for a student to understand and solve. Once you know the process, tricks and formula with enough practice, this becomes a highs coring topic from 11 Plus exams.

A must course for all 11 Plus aspirants! Join now!


Workshop Features

  • No of Sessions : 1
  • No of hours : 2
  • Practice Material : Yes
  • No of students : 10