Speed Maths for 11 Plus and Key Stage 2

Speed Maths

15 February 2021 To 17 February 2021 12 April 2021 To 14 April 2021 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM Event

Calculation is to be understood but speed calculation needs to be practiced. When you are preparing for 11 Plus or similar competitive examinations, speed calculation becomes a tool that can help you manage your time with good accuracy. Therefore, students aiming for good schools in 11 Plus must put their effort in improving their calculation speed. aiming for high scores in the exam must put their effort in improving their calculation speed.

Champs Learning has developed this exclusive program “SPEED MATHS” for the students who wish to calculate faster or who wish to learn new calculation techniques.

Speed maths is a program to understand and apply the speed techniques for regular and complex mathematics. It involves the techniques which have been simplified after lot of research. The students, once master these, show a definite progress in mental mathematics and time management.

This program comprises of 5 stages and all the 5 books will provided with enough practice worksheet. The teacher at Champs learning for this program is a well known for his speed calculation knowledge. His style of teaching is very engaging and using props. The students love him for his skill of simplifying the subject.

A must course for all 11 Plus student to improve speed of calculations and manage time better during exam to improve performance.

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Batch 1
  • Start Date :
    15 February 2021
  • End Date :
    17 February 2021

Batch 2
  • Start Date :
    12 April 2021
  • End Date :
    14 April 2021

Time For Both Batch
  • Start Time :
    09:30 AM Each Day
  • Finish Time :
    01:30 PM Each Day

  • Address
    Suite 9, Neals Corner,
    2 Bath Road,
    Hounslow, TW3 3HJ

Course Features

  • No of Sessions : 3
  • No of hours : 12
  • Books : Yes
  • No of students : 10
Price : £ 250