Nets And Cubenets

Nets And Cubenets

Nets And Cubenets

A net is a two-dimensional figure that can be folded into a three-dimensional object. Cubnet is a popular category of questions from an entrance exam point of view.

These kinds of topics are a part of your visual ability about an object when the object is folded or unfolded. This requires an orientation of logical thinking in the right direction to see the object from various angles.

This subject is very useful in real life when you see any object and can interpret its other side. Academically it is an integral part of many engineering streams in the form of engineering drawing or machine drawing.

For most 11 Plus students, visualising how the net folds to form a cube or vice versa, is a difficult concept. These questions are a regular occurrence in 11 plus entrance exams and are also important for the CEM (Durham University) exam.

This workshop will explain the concept behind the nets of cubes and teach an easier way to visualise the nets forming cubes. It will also teach ways to a student to visualise a cube unfolding on various sides. The workshop emphasises on strategies to deal with all sorts of questions on this topic in the 11 Plus exam.

The workshop is divided into two sessions of 2 hours each and the practice worksheets will be provided along with concept notes.


Workshop Features

  • No of Sessions : 1
  • No of hours : 4
  • Practice material : Yes
  • No of students : 10