Emily O'Boyle

Emily O'Boyle
Emily O'Boyle

Emily is a 4th year medical student at Oxford university with a 1st class degree in Medical sciences. She is a highly motivated and committed individual towards her education and career.

She chose to study medicine as, to me, it is the perfect combination of science and learning with human interaction and care. Tutoring is another passion of her as it encompasses these same key principles: helping others and teaching science. She always strives to be the best. This can be shown by her academic attainment, as well as in her all tutoring assignments where all of our students achieved the high grades.

She offers unbelievable the level of support, encouragement, knowledge and practice to every student with great clarity of concept from exam point of view.

She teaches science subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Maths GCSE, Biology and Chemistry A-level, medicine entry tests (both UCAT and BMAT), medicine interview preparation and personal statement writing. She also helps students with science assignments and coursework.

She has helped many students to improve their grades and reach their goals, including securing places at Oxbridge universities.

Coming from a very strong academic background, she understands that in today's era of utmost competition it's easy for students to get overwhelmed and lose focus from the burgeoning pressure. As each and every student comes with variable interest and ability following a common protocol and educating them for a specific time will not be applicable to all. Students sometimes need tailored education approaches to understand some concepts and more importantly to discover their interests and passion.

Emily is passionate about creating an atmosphere where students can learn to study smart and enjoy it at the same time. Furthermore, she believes that a little motivation is all that some students need to get going even if it means she has to go the extra mile.