Year 6

Year 6


For year 6 Champs Learning covers subjects such as English and Maths over a period of 42 weeks.

Year 6 is a last year of key Stage 2. It is also a year of SATs assessment. And it is also year of transition to secondary school. So there are lot many emotions, a student has to manage in this year.

Many students must have finished their 11 Plus exams with good amount of hard work. Though these students might have been practicing on some subjects rigorously for 11 Plus, they still need to prepare for all the subjects and all the concepts from English and Maths for their SATs. The SATs at this stage is important as the data from these results are passed to secondary schools.

SATs preparation: Champs Learning session plan focuses on completing curriculum well in advance of their SATs and have at least 8 sessions for in classroom SATs practice and analysis. We have our own SATs paper and we do conduct past SATs papers also.

Results: Most of our students have scored the maximum in their respective SATs for English and Maths.

Books and assessments: The entire course for the year (42 weeks) is divided into 8 books. These books are specially written by Champs Learning faculties. Each book focuses on a particular topic. We also assess students’ progress at the end of each topic.

Classroom size: Our classroom group is not more than 5 students. This helps a teacher to interact every student personally.

No of teaching sessions: The whole course has 42 teaching sessions and unlimited doubt solving support with appointment. Though we have our students only for one hour per week as compared to the schools 30 plus hours, our session plan is well structured and balanced so that each subject has sufficient time to contribute effectively to learning.

Teachers: Champs Learning teachers are very experienced and subject matter expert. They are well versed with school curriculum, students’ needs, and engaging teaching style

  • Number and Place Value

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Multiplication and Division

  • Fractions (including decimals)

  • Ratio & Proportion

  • Algebra

  • Measurement

  • Properties of Shapes

  • Position & Direction

  • Statistics

  • Spoken Language

  • Word Reading

  • Comprehension

  • Spelling

  • Handwriting and Presentation

  • Composition

  • Vocabulary, grammar & punctuation


Available Batches

Course Features

  • Sessions per week : One
  • Total no of sessions : 42
  • Total no of class tests : 8
  • Students per class : 5
Price :
  • Sessions per week : One
  • Total no of sessions : 42
  • Total no of class tests : 8
  • Students per class : 5
Price :