Key Stage 1 & 2 SATs - Open day

Key Stage 1 & 2 SATs - Open day

Many parents have questions about the education stages and related exams when their child starts primary education in UK, the first phase of the education journey.

At the end of Year 2, children will sit their SATs (Standardised Assessment Tasks), which are national tests. These tests assess the academic ability of children in the key subjects of maths and English.

At the end of Year 6, children take their SATs, and much of their final year at primary school focuses on ensuring they know and understand all of the previous years of education. The test assesses children’s abilities in reading, maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Unlike the KS1 SATs, at KS2 the tests which children take are set and marked externally, so that the results are used to measure the school’s performance (removing any possibility of bias). Each child’s results are used together with their teacher’s assessment to offer parents a broader picture of their attainment and academic ability.

An open day for Key Stage 1-2 SATs presents all the information such as above and many questions parents looking an answer for.

Champs Learning’s open day for SATs is an informative discussion about the education process, stages, exams, assessment process and how one should plan and prepare for higher stages from primary onwards.

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