A levels - Open day

A levels - Open day

A level is your last stage of schooling process and is an entry point of your university education for further qualifications. The education system in UK narrows down at this level as per your choices of subjects and aspirations.

A level becomes the most important step to know more about you, the process, the factors contributing to your education. University admission also look at many other supporting factors than only academic grades, If one knows the process then they can plan to have these factors on their profile. It becomes extremely important to understand these things before starting you’re a level preparation.

An open day for A level at Champs Learning answers most of the queries parents have about A levels. How you are assessed, how written exam happens, how the practical exams contribute to your grading, what are other things that contribute to your university admission? What is EPQ and how does it support? What is personal statement and how one should write it?

You can meet experienced teachers from Champs Learning and subject matter experts to discuss your worries and get answers to all your questions. You can understand how one should prepare for better A level grades and how Champs Learning can support you for that.

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