Why experienced teachers are important?

Why experienced teachers are important?

Easy as it may seem, teaching as a profession entails a great responsibility in imparting the right knowledge, in inspiring and motivating students, and in dedicating time to make students better individuals. An experienced teacher can make all the difference to a child's cognitive development.

The expertise gained over the years can be transmitted to the individuals in a supportive and collegial manner. Where an experienced teacher can effortlessly identify and attend to a child's weakness through extra training, practice and workshops.  This improves test scores, reduces student absences, and enhance student engagement in learning. Furthermore, every student functions differently i.e. their grasping power varies. Hence depending on the strength of the class an experienced teacher can properly structure the lessons making sure that all are able to retain new information.

Studies have shown that a teacher's effectiveness is positively associated with student achievement. By exerting a significant amount of control over the class, the noisy bunch can be disciplined. Reactive strategies to misbehaviour- reprimanding or sternness in voice, are effective in making temporary adjustments. However, while most teachers might often resort to solely correcting the negative actions, the expert teachers are more adept at recognising the causes behind a student's behaviour. They will not only work towards improving this but also at raising student achievements.

Additionally, experienced teachers act as mentors to their less experienced colleagues by sharing and suggesting classroom management techniques. Consequently, maintaining the overall stature of the school. At higher levels of education such as GCSE and A Levels , a teacher's expertise in a particular subject forms an important element to train the students and guide them on their future pursuits. 

Nevertheless, hiring new recruits is healthy and crucial for the new starters to gather the experience that will turn them into industry professionals. Classroom experience is beneficial not only in developing effective teaching skills but also polishing management and communication.