Tiffin School or Queen Elizabeth Barnet

Tiffin School or Queen Elizabeth Barnet

The two most sought-after grammar schools in London for boys are Tiffin School and Queen Elizabeth Barnet. The highly meritocratic environment that encourages the full realization of a child's potential, helps in creating highly successful, confident and able men. Not only do these schools emphasize on honing the academic skills, they also invest a great deal on nurturing the child in sport, music and the arts.

Published Admission Number

For Year 7. both Tiffin and Q.E. School's Published Admission Number (PAN) for September 2022 is 180.

Test Paper Pattern

Tiffin selects the students based on a two-stage test.

Stage One Test will consist of questions in English and Maths, that are computer marked. As the school has never published the test paper, the exact pattern is unknown; although, we do know that stage one has multiple-Choice Questions.

Stage Two Test will be written tests in English and Maths and will be held in November 2021. Admission to Tiffin School will be determined by academic ability, which is assessed by performance in the tests. Applicants are ranked in order of their combined score, and places are allocated according to the Selection Criteria.

QE on the other hand takes only a multiple-Choice questions pattern paper. The school conducts two tests on the same day, one Maths paper and one English. The students who achieve 210 or higher as a combined score will be taken into consideration for admission to Queen Elizabeth's (QE boys) School.

Each candidate sits two tests on the same day, the scores of each test will be standardized and then combined to form the Merit list. In the event of two students scoring identical marks, rank would be allocated based on the straight-line distance between the child's address and school main gate.

Catchment area

Tiffin schools first merit list is from an 'Inner Priority Area'. All applicants who live less than 10 Km. from Tiffin School live in the Inner Priority Area.

If there are any remaining places, then boys whose permanent place of residence is in the 'Outer Priority Area' are selected and if there are any remaining places. - All applicants who live 10 Km or more and less than 14 Km from Tiffin School live in the Outer Priority Area. - Finally the boys whose permanent place of residence is outside the Priority Areas are selected.

The sole admission criterion of QE is academic ability, i.e. by the score achieved in the entrance exam. The school has no catchment area at all.

QE also only reports scores as a whole number, so there will be lots of boys on the same score, especially near the middle of the distribution. It is at this point that distance from the school (not 'catchment') seems to come into play, with the boys living closer to the school being ranked higher up than those living further away.


Queen Elizabeth (QE Boys) school in Barnet is the UK's top-performing grammar school. It is a highly competitive school in the country and competition is fierce to get a place in Year 7. The School receives approximately 2200 to 2500 applicants for 180 places for year 7, which proves that the tentative school receives 14 applications for a single position leading to a ratio of 14:1. After taking a look at all statistical information, QE Boys is taking only the top 8 to 9% of students who have applied for 11 plus entrance exam.

Tiffin School is a hugely competitive grammar school, with over nine applicants for every Year 7 place, so students need to be properly prepared before the exam. To give students the best possible chance of gaining a place in Year 7 at Tiffin School, we would recommend using the following practice papers:

Patterns of admission:

Tiffin School
Year 2020 2019 2018
Applicants tested at stage 1 1585 1686 1609
Applicants tested at stage 2 601 590 539
Places offered initially 186 186 180
Initial qualifying score 106 105 107

In 2018, only those in the Priority Areas were offered places.

For 2019 and 2020, all places were offered to those only in the Inner Priority Area.

For Queen Elizabeth
Year 2020 2019 2018
Applicants writing the test 2846 2789 2401
Applicants achieving minimum standard required 1013 1034 861
Lowest score gaining admissions 229 232 229
Initial qualifying score 106 105 107

School Performance

University QE Barnet Tiffin
Cambridge 27 12
University College London 18 14
Nottingham 18 9
Imperial College London 15 14
King's College London 13 12
Oxford 13 4
Warwick 10 14
LSE 9 2
Bath 6 3
Bristol 5 13
Southampton 3 7
Manchester 3 2
Edinburgh 2 -
New York University 1 1