Online learning for 11 Plus preparation

Online learning for 11 Plus preparation

In the current scenario, when the entire world is under lockdown and is advised to self-quarantine due to COVID-19 outbreak, there is no better option than utilising the available time effectively, especially for the ones who are preparing for 11 Plus exams this year. Preparation has gone beyond the traditional-classroom style learning to E-learning. This is one of the most apt ways to not lose momentum and keep on preparing for the ultimate goal of landing in a desired school.


The kind of flexibility and comfort offered by the online preparation is much more than the conventional classroom lectures, in addition to possibly lower cost, 11 Plus online preparation allows the aspirants to learn and understand the concepts using the best online resources including study material, mock tests, etc. Various renowned 11 Plus teaching institutes such as Champs Learning, among others have started offering 11 Plus online classes to the students so that their studies don't get affected at all amidst COVID-19 lockdown. Also, online preparation is more convenient as compared to the offline classes which is also a motivating factor to the students.


What are the Benefits of Online Preparation for 11 Plus?


Online learning is one of the best ways to add great value to your preparation for 11 Plus, in case the online classes are taken seriously. Some of the benefits of taking online classes are discussed below:


As per student's feedback, recent papers for 11 PLUS were comparatively difficult, so the number of good attempts were reduced by nearly 5. The actual raw data and questions for 11 PLUS exam are not available, so it's difficult to give the exact percentile and score which will help you land a seat in a good college. Further, individual profiles of aspirants also play a critical role in admission. Note, the important thing to note here is that the scores published are not the actual scores but rather the scaled scores.


Flexibility: Online 11 Plus classes give more flexibility to the students allowing them to get access to the video lessons, online 11 Plus exercises, online 11 PLUS quizzes, and 11 PLUS online mock tests. The 11 PLUS aspirants can take the online 11 PLUS classes anytime and anywhere, they just need an internet connection to stay updated with the latest information. Taking offline classes becomes more tiring especially when someone after attending school for 5-6 hours a day, needs to travel to attend the classes. However, online classes give more flexibility to students to utilise their available time more effectively.


Cost Effective: The overall tuition charges of taking online classes are much lesser as compared to the offline classes. Some of tuition centres give more content and support in the same prices than reducing their fees. Some of the tuition centres have dropped their prices to accommodate the shift in the market demand and costs.


Saves Time: 11 PLUS online classes are best for the students who look for ways to reduce the overall travelling time. Saved times can be used to learn new concepts and topics.


Lectures by the experts: Most of the time, the quality of sessions is a major concern while taking offline classes as the faculty varies from tuition to tuition and within the tuition centre as well. However, this is not the same in case someone opted for the online 11 PLUS preparation classes as all the quality video lectures are prepared by the best teachers.


Gives a chance to learn new skills: In the offline class mode, the students are expected to match with the pace of the class which sometimes makes it difficult for them to understand the concepts. However, in the 11 PLUS online classes, the students are given a chance to learn at their own pace and can listen to the session again in case the concepts are not clear to them.


Group-Learning: The online 11 PLUS courses provide wider platforms to the 11 PLUS aspirants to share, discuss and clear their doubts with other students as they are well-connected to other peer aspirants across the whole country. This also helps them in staying aware with the competition level and the areas in which they need to improve.


Sometimes the 11 PLUS aspirants who joined a tuition centre find it difficult to follow their classroom study schedule, and for them preparation online has emerged as a good alternative as it allows them to study as per their comfort with no commuting time. With so many benefits offered by the 11 PLUS online classes, it's the right time to get enrolled for the classes and stay focused towards your studies.