How To Ace 11 Plus Exam for Grammar School Admissions?

How To Ace 11 Plus Exam for Grammar School Admissions?

With all the schools declaring the results of selected students for the year 2022 admissions in next three months, aspirants who are planning to give 11 Plus exam in 2022 are now in the forefront. At the cutting edge towards acing the most coveted grammar school entrance exam, students need to pull up their socks. For all the prospective 11 Plus students, it is indispensable to prepare and plan their preparation strategy accordingly. 11 Plus exam preparation calls for planning and endurance! In this article Champs Learning brings forth the mindful tips to ace 11Plus Exam for 2022 in order to flatten the path for all the test takers. In this exam, apart from the academic sections, time management is of equal importance. Hence, while preparing for 11 Plus Exams students need to ensure that they utilise their time efficiently and maximise their potential in optimum manner.


Basic Tips on How to Ace 11 Plus Exam 2022 Exam

After deciding on to take up the 11 Plus exam, the most challenging question faced by students is how to prepare for it? Both tutors as well as successful students of 11 Plus exams emphasize on the importance of effective planning, practice and accuracy of questions attempted in their navigating tips. Based on that, eight major strategies mentioned below pertaining to ‘How to ace 11 Plus exam?’ are provided which are all interconnected and aim to render a cumulative effect if followed in a stringent manner.

Strategies For 11 Plus Exam Preparation

  • Time Management
  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Selecting the Right Set of Questions
  • Number of Attempts
  • Section Wise Strategy
  • Join Online Study Groups
  • Mock Test of 11 Plus Exam
  • Last Minute Discussions at Bay

Time Management

As per the tutors of 11 Plus exams, a thumb rule which is mandatory for students to follow is - they should devote around one or two hours a day. To be elaborative on time, tutors say, having two hours per day will provide 500+ hours to be battle ready till the exam day as most of the 11 plus exams will be conducted post September 2022. Initially, students should start with the sections he/she is relatively sluggish. Students should practice more sets of Maths and NVR starting from the basics. Ideally, all students should start from the drawing board stage in order to understand the basics for all sections. The objective should be to allow flexibility in 2 hours to cover all weak areas in all the sections initially. As students are near to 11 Plus exams, they should scale up their practice hours to 2 to 3 hours.

Speed and Accuracy

Since some of the 11Plus entrance exam has a sectional time limit as per the CEM Exam pattern, students need to maintain their speed while attempting questions. Moreover, the no. of accurate answers attempted will be counted. More the number of accurate answers, more the score will be. Hence, students while preparing for 11 Plus exam should focus on improving their reading and understanding skills especially for the reading comprehension section as the questions themselves are lengthy and time consuming. Make sure you have sufficient time to read and answer the known questions.

Selecting the Right Set of Questions

Focus of students should not be on solving all the questions, but students should focus on the level of accuracy. Hence, students are expected to prioritise the set of questions based on strengths and weaknesses. Invest starting time in solving questions that you are sure of. Avoid guessing work as far as possible. Few questions can be attempted with guesses, but students should ensure that they have sufficient time for other questions as well. Performance as well as success in the 11 Plus exams will be dependent much on students’ preparation level as well as the command over strengthening topics.

Speed immensely counts in order to attain a grip on 11 Plus Exams. Hence while preparing for these exams, students should focus on managing their speed along with accuracy. Students need to prepare with techniques to complete the test within the stipulated time.

Number of Attempts

With special reference to the questions to be attempted per section in 11 Plus exams, one can say that the net score required to obtain 80 percent and above depends on the no. of questions one attempts.

Section Wise Strategy

Keeping in mind the previous track of the 11 Plus question papers, mainly there are four sections in these entrance exams. While initiating their preparation students are advised to draw a productive section wise strategy.

·         For Maths For this section students focus on building up basics of mathematics. Topics from national curriculum of Year 5 and Year 6 are very common in these exams.

·         For English & Reading Comprehension: Reading habit should be inculcated in students. Reading anything be it blogs, newspapers, articles, journals to enhance skills will be helpful for this section. Try to give one hour daily to this section just for reading purposes and focus on improving vocabulary. Solving comprehension, inferences, passages will be helpful

·         Verbal Reasoning: Learn basics like coding of words, acronyms, letter codes and try solving word puzzle as much as possible. Letter arrangements and codes are the most common type of question in this section.

·         Non-Verbal Reasoning: Learn basics like shapes, rotation, arrangements as much as possible. Try to visualise the basic shapes and their various forms and views. Practice more visual puzzles to get grip on this section.

Join Online Study Groups

Due to technological advancements, students nowadays have the options to join online study groups. Nowadays popular social media groups are coming up, trending, and providing relevant tips on these exams and other relevant exams. Lot of groups share good mount of content with questions papers and their answers and other resources on these groups.

Mock Test of 11 Plus Exam

According to the expert tutors, “Students should try to understand concepts across various fields and then apply a sensible preparation and acing strategy to gain maximum accuracy”. 11 Plus Mock Exams helps students to evaluate their preparation level and helps them to have a better understanding of the pattern beforehand. Many students who passed these exams say that their strategy was nothing out of the ordinary honestly. They solved the content provided in the classes, attempted mock exams regularly, identified their strengths and weaknesses in every mock exam, capitalized on strengths and worked on his weaknesses, and repeated this cycle. By the time the 11 Plus exam arrived they had appeared for around 10 mock exams which gave them the exposure of a good amount of questions.

Last Minute tips

Combination of concentration and cynosure should be the only mantra that students should follow for the day of 11 Plus exams. Before the D-day, it is a usual practice for students to discuss preparation with friends as well as peers. But it is advisable that one should refrain this practice. It is imperative that students should be confident about their preparation and not indulge in the preparation/discussions that are done last minute. This may affect the state of mind of the test takers and the whole preparation may go in vain. And remember, till the results are out, everybody is a winner.