2nd Stage for Grammar School

2nd Stage for Grammar School

The 2nd stage exam for some of the Grammar Schools like Tiffin consists of three papers.

  1. 1. Mathematics
  2. 2. English Reading
  3. 3. English Writing

After screening through the first stage of Maths and English with some questions on VR which normally os a multiple choice test, a student is expected to show his skills in solving the questions and writing down his working or thoughts.


1. Mathematics paper

This is written paper very much like SATs at the end of year 6. A student is expected to write answers by solving the questions during the exam.

The test paper consists of curriculum up to year 5 but of higher level. A student is expected to apply the logic to solve few questions.

The typical format will cover few questions on

  1. 1. Calculations
  2. 2. Money
  3. 3. Measurements
  4. 4. Speed distance
  5. 5. Geometry - area, perimeter or shapes
  6. 6. Data handling

The time management will be a key to score maximum marks. As the format will be mixed of difficult and simple questions, one should focus on picking up the simple questions to attempt first or at the end.


Many times, the question is framed up in a lengthy manner and it poses as a difficult one. But once you read it, it comes out as a simple one to calculate. The questions of money or age looks more descriptive but are easy to solve.

2nd Stage for Grammar School

2. English Reading paper

This is typical English paper consisting of reading comprehension either short or long texts. One needs to write an answer to each question followed to text. Bullet points answers are not appreciated.
In this section two thing will be tested.

  • 1. Reading speed with memorisation ability

  • 2. Accuracy in answering within limited time.

Any strategy for reading comprehension will be fine if you get maximum answers right. If you are well read about diverse topics, it becomes easier to relate to the topic. Format is very similar to Key stage 2 SATs paper.


3. English Writing paper

In this tests, a student's ability to write structured and grammatically correct English is tested. Though, it is called as creative writing section generally, any facts known about the topic given are very well appreciated.
The writing ability is tested on following points.

  • 1. How well you can think about a subject
  • 2. How well you can structure those thoughts with flow of information.
  • 3. How well you can write grammatically correct English with relevant expression for your thoughts
  • 4. How well you can look through the subject to reflect different perspectives.
  • 5. How well you can write all your thoughts in limited time.

Sometimes, a picture has been given and students have been asked to write about their thoughts of the picture. This inclines to more creative writing. In this are also, positive shade of thinking is much more appreciated.