Last minute tips for 11 Plus Exam

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The countdown for 11 Plus exam for 2018 has begun. The performance on the D-Day will decide whether an aspirant will or will not make it to any of the desired grammar or independent schools. With the clock ticking by, all aspirants and their parents are getting extremely nervous and anxious. Nevertheless, instead of panicking, the aspirants must remain cool-headed and relaxed so that they can put their best foot forward in the exam.

Champs Learning spoke to a few achievers of previous years, and they shared some last minutes tips that can be of extreme help to students appearing for 11 Plus exam this year. Here's what they said:

  • Always set a time limit for each section in the exam paper

  • Revise the maths formulas, it saves time

  • In case there is a topic that you might have missed, leave it. Do not start anything new now

  • Do not panic in case there is a change in the test pattern. Remember that this change is for everyone, not just you

  • It is extremely important to attempt maximum questions across all sections

  • Lastly, keep calm - this will help you in performing to your full potential

  • Revise all the concepts and formulas

  • Keep practicing mocks even before one day before the exam

  • If you are getting stuck on one question, do not waste your time on it. Leave that question and move ahead. At the end of the exam, if you are still left with time, re-attempt that particular question

  • One must not have a pre-defined mind-set on the exam day

  • Go to the exam centre with a calm mind

  • Do not get demoralised if you scored less in the mock tests. These are just practice test to know your areas of strength and areas to focus more on.

  • Remember the mistakes you made in your mock tests, and make sure you do not repeat them in the exam

  • Go through all the questions and look out for easy questions first. Once you are sure you have attempted all the easy ones, only then move on to the difficult questions. Or Quickly glance through the entire paper once. Attempt the easy questions in the first half, and then try your hand at the difficult questions

  • 11 Plus exam for any school as an exam is not difficult - all that you need to pay attention to is time management, especially for CEM styled papers

  • Always remember that you have done well this far and have given your best. There is no reason why you wouldn't do well on the exam day

  • Stay calm, confident and positive

  • One should try attempting all the questions, but more than this, one should focus on speed and accuracy

  • Do not get stuck in a problem for more than required

  • Stay relaxed, even if you find other panicked

  • Do not exhaust yourself just before the exam

  • To start off with, first attempt all the questions that are least time consuming. When attempting these questions, focus on accuracy

  • Have a proper sleep a night before the exam day and proper breakfast on the exam day

  • Go with a cool mind on the D-Day

  • Normally invigilators don't allow students to go out for even toilet break in first 10 and last 10 minutes of the tests. So use the washrooms if needed before exam starts and make yourself comfortable.

  • You can not carry to your exam desk except pencil, eraser in a transparent pouch and unlabelled water bottle.