How To Score Well in 11 Plus Examination For Grammar Schools

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Scoring well in your 11+ examinations is essential if you aspire to be in one of the top grammar schools. Some students opt for a safer route and start prepping for their exams even before their year 4 in school. Some plan their preparation strategy in year 5. But some are confused as to when to start their preparation for 11+ examinations.

How much time is necessary to prepare for 11+ examinations depends entirely on the student. According to experts, 9 to 11 months of dedicated preparation can aid in securing a good score in 11+ exams.

When and How to Start Preparations for 11+ Examinations

After figuring out the appropriate time required to practice, the next question that comes in every student's mind is how to begin the preparations. It often happens that despite knowing the syllabus and patterns, students find it challenging to frame a proper strategy. Here's how you can start preparing for your 11+ examinations:-

  • Choose the Correct Study Material: There is plenty of expert study material for 11+ online as well as offline. With the help of technology, it is now possible to interact with experts as well as exchange study material, sample papers, etc. with fellow 11+ aspirants as well. Also, there are many options available in the market that can help you prepare with ease for your examinations.

  • Analyse Your Knowledge: Gauging your knowledge about the subject matter is the first and very essential step for every student. There are many diagnostic tests available through which students can understand their strong areas and the areas to focus on. Get comprehensive, section-wise score with a diagnostic test from Champs Learning- Online Assement

  • Understand the Exam Pattern & Syllabus: It is necessary to understand the exam pattern, to score well successfully in 11+ examinations. There are 2 types of exam patterns: - GL and CEM. The GL pattern has 4 parts: - English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning & Non-verbal Reasoning; whereas CEM pattern has 2 papers: - Paper A & Paper B. Every school chooses a particular pattern to assess the student. The pattern based on which the school is assessing the students has to be identified. Maths and English curriculum is mainly from Year 5 and Year 6 but few questions come from year 7 as well.

  • Strengthen your Basics: The next step after understanding the curriculum and planning accordingly is to strengthen your basics of each section. Having the basic concepts clarified is the biggest asset any 11+ aspirant can have. If you have conceptual clarity, you can solve any tough problem. At Champs Learning, the concepts and basics of each subject are specially focused on. We have a specifically designed curriculum that helps students write concepts according to their understanding. We provide our students with concept books and teach them using the CAP approach: - Concept-Application-Practice

  • Time Management: Along with judging the sectional knowledge of students, 11+ examinations also test their time management skills. The trick to complete the exam within the given time frame depends on how a student plan and practice for the exam. It is essential to strategically plan how to complete the exam within the given time. While CEM has the sectional time limit of various duration for each topic to provide better time management skills to the candidates, GL pattern has a sectional time limit on for the sections. It offers the freedom to use your time for various topics in that section. While attempting mock test papers, it is essential to time yourself, analyse your time management skills and gauge the areas you fall short in and need improvement.